Wednesday, April 8, 2020


This week is the letter Zz. We will have a few centers and daily norms that the kids should recognize while we learn about the letter Zz Today’s focus is the echidna! 

Calendar Time

Chapel Time

Music Time

Letterland- Click on the link and listen to the Letterland song for Zig Zag Zebra’s sound.

Blocks– Build a cave or a home for your echidna to go inside.

SensoryPour Salt onto a small cookie sheet. Have them trace their name in salt. Next, have them see how many Zzs they can write that all show at the same time. They can also write their sight words in the salt. This week is “zoo.” Save this salt so we can use it again at a later date. If you want to print, try putting the zig zag page underneath the salt. It’s fun to see the colors come through!

Video Clip– learn about echidna’s in this video clip. One of my favorite facts about echidnas is that their babies are called puggles!

Writing– After watching the video clip, have them draw a picture of themselves as an echidna and write a response. 

Read Aloud- Join me as we continue our adventure with Jack and Annie. Click on the link to listen to chapter 5 of Dingos at DinnerTime.

Sight Word- Use the worksheet below to identify and write the word zoo. Use rainbow writing, trace, write, and last color the dots that have the word zoo.

Math– Have you kids help you measure and make this playdough. 

  • white flour – 1 cup
  • warm water – 1 cup
  • salt – 2 tbsp
  • cream of tartar – 2 tbsp
  • cooking oil – 2 tbsp
  • Jello – 1 3oz pack (optional)

They will be using this playdough to make an echidna. They can make it a realistic color by leaving it white and painting it, or you can put food coloring of jell-o into the mix and making a bright and fun color. You can also add glitter if you want your echidna to be extra fancy. 

If you don’t have the ingredients to make the playdough, you can use any playdough that you have. Take a picture and put it back in the container. 

Art- For this project, you will need the playdough you just made and toothpicks or sticks. They will be making a 3-D model of an echidna.

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